Shaun & Jen's Mountain Engagement Shoot


Seriously though, I could not wipe this giddy grin off of my face while editing these images because these two are so sweet and this place is SO gorgeous!

To back up a bit, recently I met Jen & Shaun for coffee to see if we would be a good photographer + wedding couple match. When I first talk with a Bride/Groom (Usually by e-mail), I always suggest we meet in person, if possible. For you as the couple, it’s important to know that you and your photographer’s personality mesh well, because your photographer is going to be by your side the entire day on one of the biggest days of your life! You want someone who will bring positivity, ease, and who will really share in the joy on your day. On the flip side, it’s just as important that the photographer feels comfortable, inspired, and engaged on your wedding day! Weddings aren’t houses (I used to shoot real estate), you DO NOT want someone there to just “do the thing” and get going.

Needless to say, the three of us met and it was a great fit (yay!). They were super fun and easy to talk to, not to mention I am thrilled that their 2019 wedding will be at Lavender Oak Farm (Because I have not yet been, but it looks incredible).

Shaun & Jen explained that they had been hoping to shoot their engagement photos in the mountains. However, with the mountains being 4 hours from Raleigh and Fall at its peak, they were beginning to make backup plans. We were both super excited when I shared with them that I had a trip to Asheville with friends already planned for November (Shout out to Emily & Steph for being adventurous, patient friends). So we were able to make it happen!

These images were taken at Hawksbill Mountain and I highly recommend you all go check out that hike. I love any good hike with a nice look out, but this view was above and beyond! I’m so thankful for rad couples who are willing to join in the “work” for nice photos. These two were troopers, even bringing a change of clothes and switching outfits in the (cold) privacy of nature! The moment we got to the top, there was no question that this view was well worth the hike and the cold.

And if there are any other adventurous couples out there willing to hike with me to gorgeous mountain peaks,

Let’s go! :D

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