Ryan & Olivia

What is the opposite of bridezilla? This bride.

This amazing chick did all the planning and prepping for this gorgeously executed day. This brunch wedding was complete with a sweet home in Virginia Beach, intimate group of close friends and family, mimosas, and tons of laughter. While this day was not without hiccups (they lost power on this stormy morning, to give one example), Olivia and Ryan succeeded in filling their wedding day with nothing but love and gratitude. I am honored to have been the photographer for these two lovers, whose relationship began around 15 years old! Everything about this day was as REAL and lively as these two are. Olivia’s natural wavy hair showed off her free spirited soul and Ryan’s expression exemplified his admiration for her with every image. Leave it to these two to have a wedding that is both genuine/real as well as magical/Disney prince and princess like! I cannot believe how dreamy these two and this day truly was! My heart lights up just thinking about the two of them finding a home in one another forever. 


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Czerman! 


+ a special thanks for being willing to get sandy and spontaneous! 

Jamie Robbins